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 Rise To Greatness!

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Rise To Greatness! Empty
PostSubject: Rise To Greatness!   Rise To Greatness! Empty2nd March 2011, 6:42 am

Well here it is a few things that will help us rise to greatness ^.^

1.Respecting each other (we are Teammates yu know >_>)
2.working together helping each other strategize come up with cool ideas for the team
3.being as active as yu can is always a + Very Happy
4.Dont be shy with the Deck Dome we are here to help each other perfect our decks
5.recruiting is always a +
6.beeing active not only in the ham but also in the Team Forum / youtube channel (after we bring it back from the dead) -_-
7.always stay on the look out for new possible D19 members / be open minded it helps alot Surprised
8.never underestimate any one v.v especially those lil 12 year olds xD Pre Teen PWN!!!
9.opinions and thoughts and anything that can improve us in anyway is also a +
10.participation is a MUST every know and then there will be certain challenges / events / crazy ideas of mines lol
please try to participate in ALL of the challenges / events/ crazy ideas of mines cause they are all for the best interest of the Team ...o and Sacking is a super + Smile

- this will be updated accordingly-

Rise To Greatness! D19Mely
You cant start a fire ...without a spark ! Twisted Evil

TheDarkWind V.V
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Rise To Greatness!
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