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 D19 Format!

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PostSubject: D19 Format!   D19 Format! Empty24th February 2011, 1:03 am

D19 War Format:

Team A vs Team B
The leaders rps to see which teams goes first.
The team going first will act as the (Hunters)
If Team A wins rps, Team A chooses a teammember in the war as their Hunter.

The hunter can challenge anyone from the opposing team.
Only the hunter is allowed to challenge.
The hunter will pm an opposing team member and that member must duel if able! also the hunters identity must remain unknown

Once the hunter wins against a member from the opposing team. The loser will leave the ham quietly.

To prevent cheating, the hunter can be switched before/after a match.

If an opposing team member wins against the hunter, the hunter leaves the ham.

Once a team's hunter lost the match, the opposing team will then be the hunters and the team leader will pick a hunter and they will be on their hunt!
This continues until one team runs out of players. Thus, the team with player(s) left over wins the war.

NOTE! : subs can also be Hunters
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE! : the challenges will only be done in PM the hunters identity must remain a secret V.V team leaders can talk to their teammates in their own team hams !

Melys thoughts :

well this is a lil sumthing i came up with i believe itll make wars alot more interesting and fun! and thats what its all about right? just make sure you understand completely b4 trying it and remember CHEATING IS NOT SUPER SPECIAL AWSEOME ^_^ well ppl please let me know what yu think ! we are gunna try it out and then if all works out good we can make this official in kctau as our very own D19 Format :O!!

D19 Format! D19Mely
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PostSubject: Re: D19 Format!   D19 Format! Empty24th February 2011, 1:55 pm

i like it
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D19 Format!
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