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 Melys Build - A- Deck Challenge !

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Melys Build - A- Deck Challenge ! Empty
PostSubject: Melys Build - A- Deck Challenge !   Melys Build - A- Deck Challenge ! Empty13th February 2011, 4:09 pm

Hey Team Baisically this is just an announcement stating sumthing new im gunna do on DeckDome ...baisically what im gunna do is every now and then give Deck Building challenges this will help us all practice our deck building potential and also learn from other teammates ideas in overall it will benefit the whole team ...
EVER had one of those moments where yu just dont know what to build anymore? heres a fun way to try something new and something yu might possibly like HAVING problems building a Deck? need help? again this a cool way to learn from one anothers ideas and get yu started on yur new deck of course the DeckDome is a place for many uses yu can also post a deck yu might need help on or want any of use to create or simply pm me on ham or on here and ill make it the next challenge well i hope yu guys see the benefit this will be for our team and hope yu guys participate happy DeckBuildings ^_^

First challenge is Fabled :O

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Melys Build - A- Deck Challenge !
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