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 CarltonKim-Capiton of Team Phoenix Flame(you know me :D)

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CarltonKim-Capiton of Team Phoenix Flame(you know me :D) Empty
PostSubject: CarltonKim-Capiton of Team Phoenix Flame(you know me :D)   CarltonKim-Capiton of Team Phoenix Flame(you know me :D) Empty21st January 2011, 9:52 pm

yo, wassup D19 o_O I'm sure most of you are familiar with me, except for your new recruits..... w/e Very Happy anyways.... D19 and my team(Team phoenix flame) have decided... to make an allianceee! *confetti cue* o_o anyways... the site is under construction, I'll post it when I'm done with it Razz
so... I shall say a bit about myself
I...started out a complete newb(no+ob is censored), like a lot of people xD Then, I got lots better, started KCVDS, and like 1 month after, I joined D19 when it was still... noobish xD
I am a 12 year old middle school student
Please just call me Carlton Smile
I might not be on too much now, since I got school to worry bout, but I will eventually come back Razz

hope we will become an ultimate alliance and dominate peoplez with our awesome mighttttt! (wtf o_o )
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CarltonKim-Capiton of Team Phoenix Flame(you know me :D)
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