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 War Formats

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Jay Breezy
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War Formats Empty
PostSubject: War Formats   War Formats Empty19th January 2011, 2:55 am

For those who may not know, I'll explain the most commonly used formats used in Team Wars.

FE Format
This format was created by a team once known as the Furious Elite. Basically, this format requires both teams to arrange a lineup in a specific order with a certain amount of substitutes in the case of members being unable to compete for any reason. The first match will consist of the two members who were elected to go first for their team. The winner moves on to face the second member of the opposing team, and so on.

Round 1: Team A Rep. 1 vs. Team B Rep. 1
Outcome: Team A Rep. 1 [2] | Team B Rep. 2 [0]

Round 2: Team A Rep. 1 vs. Team B Rep. 2
Outcome: Team A Rep. 1 [2] | Team B Rep. 2 [1]

Round 3: Team A Rep. 1 vs. Team B Rep. 3
Outcome: Team A Rep. 1 [1] | Team B Rep. 2 [2]

Round 4: Team A Rep. 2 vs. Team B Rep. 3

This would continue until one team has lost all of it's representatives. The team with one or more players remaining is the winner.

A notable rule pertaining to this format is that changing decks is forbidden. This means that if you win, you must continue to use the same deck until you're eliminated. This gives the opposition a chance to form a specific strategy.

PX Format
This format was created by a popular team known as Popsicle Xuicide. Much like the FE Format, it requires both teams involved to create a lineup. The only difference is that the lineups would not go in a specific order. Once the lineups are made, a Hamachi network is created where all members must join in order to compete. This format is sort of like a free for all where duelists can challenge any member of the opposing team at any given time. This allows members to compete regardless of their position in the lineups, thus saving time. Like the FE Format, this continues until one team has run out of members.

A few notable things about this format:

1. Deck changing after having won a match is forbidden.

2. You can refuse a challenge if you're unable to compete but stalling will not be tolerated.

3. If a war duel is already in progress, neither player in that duel can challenge anyone else until they finish their match. (This only applies to matches already in progress and have outcomes of 1-0 or 1-1.)

4. If a war duel is in progress and a player in that duel has to leave before the match is completed, the members involved must finish that match before challenging anyone else.

Hardcore PX Format
Created by the popular team known as Popsicle Xuicide. The rules here are exactly the same as in the original PX Format. In the HPX Format however, when you lose a match, you can continue to play until you are defeated a 2nd time.

A few notable things about this format:

1. All standard PX Format rules are applied.

2. You are eliminated when you lose TWO matches.

3. When a player is defeated once, he/she can choose to change his/her deck, and can challenge any opposing player that is still available to play.

4. If a player who was defeated once already is subbed out, the replacement only needs to be defeated once.

5. Any player who was subbed out can be subbed back in later.

6. A winner is pronounced when all members of a team have been defeated twice.


That's the gist of it, for now. Should there be any new formats in the system or if I'm missing anything, I will edit this post accordingly.
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War Formats
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