Team D19
We have moved to a brand new forum! If you're already a member of our team, we strongly encourage that you join this new forum. If you're looking to join the team, you can register an account and post an application on the new forum.

We look forward to hearing from you!

~Team D19~

Team D19 is an official KCTAU team! All current team members are encouraged to register an account on the KCTAU website!!!
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FlameLordD19~TheMadnessOfD19~ Empty
PostSubject: FlameLordD19~TheMadnessOfD19~   FlameLordD19~TheMadnessOfD19~ Empty25th April 2011, 10:45 pm

age: 16 (going on 17)(NOT THE GOD DAMN SONG)
fav card type:DRAGONS BY FAR! but feinds and spellcasters are kool too.

not much to talk about for me, but when im online, im usually with u kool kids Very Happy
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